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Kokaine News
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We're back!
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I can't be bothered to make a huge news post, maybe Blair will come along and make one but we're back and ready to play some casual CSS. We shall be competing in KGL for the time being and might re-enter ED if we actually get going again.

By Pakistan Akirah in Kokaine Clan News on Tuesday 05 April @ 19:22
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Clan Update
pG Clan News

All right, it's been a massive amount of time since there was last an update about the clan. Back in December of 2008 actually. I am not going to go into detail about what happened in 2009 but as usual, we had players coming and players leaving. The CSS squad managed to maintain a decent level of activity throughout the year competing in various KGL & EDCSSL seasons as well as cups. We even managed to win a few!!

Moving forward to recent times, we have entered KGL Season 8 and are currently competing in Div 3. We also managed to finish 4th in the recently concluded EDCSSL. Our roster has finally settled after a number of arrivals & departures overs the last 6 months. We look forward to the months ahead and hopefully we can get some wins under our belt.

Away from the CSS squad, Kokaine have branched out into L4D2 and the squad is slowly being formulated so they will be ready to enter to leagues & ladders. Hopefully they'll be up and running soon.

We have also purchased a BF:BC2 server and this is another game that Kokaine could branch out to. Something to look out for in the next news post. In theory, this will become a monthly thing.

By Pakistan Akirah in Kokaine Clan News on Monday 19 April @ 17:19
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Mid Skilled Awpers needed.
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We need 1, possibly 2 midskilled AWPers to help boost our already active roster. We have quite a few players on our roster but we have members who enjoy other games or RL pursuits so we require 2 players to help us get the amount of matches we want to be playing on a nightly basis.

Kokaine has been running since Nov 2004 so you don't have to worry about us folding. We have our own Match Server and 16 man Deathmatch Server which are supplied to us by our supporters RTL Server and then there is our Vent and site.

What you need
* 18+
* Ventrilo
* Working Mic
* Mid skilled (1 awper and 1 rifler)
* A good level of gamesense.
* Avail for matches at least 3 weeknights.
* A friendly attitude to other clan members
* Able to contribute to clan funds. (Will be discussed on contact)

What we give
* A fun Gaming time
* A serious match Attitude
* A friendly environment
* Admin on our servers
* Lots of matches (Avg. 3 a night atm - but we consider ourselves a bit inactive)

If you are interested then please PM Akirah in #Kokaine or preferably post in our recruitment forums - p?page=11&CatID=1341

By Northern Ireland Blair Mayne in Kokaine CS:S Squad News on Saturday 21 February @ 11:59
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Another Update
New CSS Clan Banner

A few things to report on. Kokaine is now 4 years old and we're lucky to have stayed along so long. Long may it continue!!

Our DM is now the most popular in the UK, you can find the rankings HERE. An amazing achievement seeing as it's only been up a month and isn't fully configured yet. Thanks go to all the regs on it and of course the admins who keep it clean!!

We completed EDCSSL this week and managed to finish 3rd on round difference which again is a great finish considering our placing last season. Our final KGL match is tomorrow and will decide whether we get promoted or not!!

We will of course be a little inactive over the Christmas period and hope to be fully active when the New Year arrives with some new recruits!

By Pakistan Akirah in Kokaine CS:S Squad News on Saturday 20 December @ 22:31
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New Kokaine DM Server Up!
New CSS Clan Banner

We've been without a Deathmatch server for several weeks but we are glad to announce that we have a new one hosted with our friends over at RTL-Servers. The IP is below: ! DEATHMATCH Kokaine D2 24/7 [UK] | 100tick | RTL-Servers

We are still making a few changes to the server, notably stats so keep an eye out!!

By Pakistan Akirah in Kokaine Clan News on Monday 17 November @ 17:05
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CSS/COD4 Team Update

A quick update to both teams. The CSS co-CL Blair Mayne has decided to leave the clan to pursue real life. Everyone at Kokaine wishes him the best and thanks him for controlling the "big animal". In order to fill the void, Arcademan has stepped up to co-CL and Ham promoted to DCL. A couple of new recruits have been brought in and we are now taking part in EDCSSL 12 and KGL Season 4.

The COD4 team has unfortunately folded after 3 months with Kokaine. Again we thank them for their short time with Kokaine and the progess they made in the Jolt-Rustler cup and of course EDCOD4L Season 2 where they finished second. Good luck in the future guys!

We'll have another update for the CSS team when EDCSSL/KGL finishes.

By Pakistan Akirah in Kokaine Clan News on Monday 10 November @ 22:12
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Kokaine & Tigit
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This is an official clan statement as to what happened, I know people have already been visiting our IRC channel and no doubt our site as well to see who Kokaine are after the public "row" in the Tigit IRC channel.

Kokaine approached Tigit to sponsor the clan back in February for a DM server and if possible a match server. Tigit offered both and we gratefully accepted. In July, Kokaine purchased a CSS/CoD4 regular public server. During that time, the DM server was built up to be the 17th most popular in the UK through the hard work of Kokaine the clan.

This morning, our DM server was re branded and Kokaine related admin links with the server were removed. No contact was made with any of the Kokaine clan management to inform us of the situation that was about to occur. As soon as we found out about it, we attempted to contact Tigit|Jon about what happened but there was no reply so it was taken to the #Tigit channel with Kash. Tigit changed their story many times as to why Tigit had dropped the sponsorship deal, they were:

1) We had not made contact with Jon for a while - this is in fact a lie as we had extended our deal with Tigit by 3 months on a COD4 match server we pay for two weeks ago.

2) We had not brought enough business their way - again a lie as we had frequent conversation with Jon about how many servers we were getting their way and how well the Kokaine DM server was doing to promote Tigit

3) Tigit were in fact closing down most of their sponsorship deals because of problems with server space. - If this was the case then we would expect our DM server to be switched off to given to a clan waiting for a server. This currently isn't the case.

4) Kokaine were promoting a rival GSP. Anyone in our IRC channel, site, DM server or in fact our match server can tell that isn't the case. - Members of the Kokaine clan management do run the KGL, a league/cup site independent to the Kokaine clan which is sponsored a by another GSP. It should be made clear that Tigit were offered a deal to sponsor KGL but declined.

It was decided that Kokaine would drop any sponsorship deal with Tigit in light of their behaviour. Tigit|Jon assured us that the DM server would be taken down and that it was a mistake on their behalf to rebrand the server as theirs.

Shortly after, a member of the Tigit staff approached a Kokaine management member and offered 30 if Kokaine would allow the DM server to be kept up. The offer was declined by the Kokaine management as it was considered to be "hush money" & not enough compensation for 9 months of hard work by the Kokaine clan.

The DM server was not taken down and as such the Kokaine management asked Tigit why this wasn't the case. We were informed that Tigit would keep their server up as it was their property. After a few more attempts for the server to be brought down, a member of the Kokaine clan management was named a moron and banned from the channel. Tigit have since "given" the DM server to a friend of Tigit.

The Kokaine clan management was grateful for the support received from Tigit and we did do our utmost in promoting them. However the underhand way in which way our sponsorship was pulled was not acceptable nor were the bribes offered us to keep quiet. Kokaine has always prided itself in being mature with it's dealings with others and today there have been certain circumstances where we have let ourselves down but with that said, we won't have the Kokaine slandered with comments that we did not do enough to help promote Tigit and that the blame should lie on us.

As said above, we have decided to cut any links with Tigit due to their unprofessionalism in this matter and lies that were cast on Kokaine. Kokaine have already agreed a deal on a new DM server and we will be launching it at the end of the month. All of the above is the truth, public & private logs are all available if needed as further evidence.

By Pakistan Akirah in Kokaine Clan News on Saturday 11 October @ 17:10
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CS:S Squad Update
New CSS Clan Banner

I see there hasn't been a CSS squad update for a while so I thought I would do one now. The CSS squad is as ever twaddling along, WoW in hand. Recently Kokaine has taken part in a few competitions. Namely EDCSSL 11 finishing 5th and KGL Season 3 finishing last! It's not all doom and gloom however, we also managed to finish first in the "WTF" KGL Fun cup and second in the "Speed Matters" KGL cup.

Over the next few months, we have a number of KGL events to attend and of course EDCSSL12 which starts soon.

On more clan related news, we will be entering our 4th year next month, wohoo!

By Pakistan Akirah in Kokaine CS:S Squad News on Tuesday 07 October @ 00:18
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